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Welcome to GA Home Builders, Middle Georgia’s best custom home building company. Our detailed and customer-friendly design process, paired with the knowledge and expertise of some of Georgia’s best home builders, provides beautiful finished products that go above and beyond our customer’s wildest expectations. 

GA Home Builders has a team of experienced engineers, architects and construction workers dedicated to delivering a quality, customized and absolutely stunning home for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. Our reputation as home builders in Middle GA rests first and foremost on our acute attention to detail. As such, we patiently guide you through every step of the process at your own speed. Truthfully, the entire process of designing and building a home can be a bit rigorous. But, as we all know, the payoff is well worth it. A home built exactly the way you dreamed.

At your request, we can provide a selection of floor plans for you to base your dream home off of. Having that first building block can really change the way you think about your design ideas. Additionally, you can fill out the form below to request some of our other custom styles, including modern house plans, small house plans and two-story house plans. It doesn’t even matter if you have a lot picked out or not – we can help with that too!

What We Do

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Container Homes

That’s right! Container homes are rising in popularity as the housing shortage is getting worse and real estate prices are skyrocketing. This alternative living space could be just the change you need in your life. Not to mention all the money you’ll save on rent! They’re relatively cheap too; don’t plan on spending more than $100 grand.  Just pick yourself out a lot and point and we’ll do the rest. 

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Custom Homes

If container homes aren’t your style and you’er looking for a big boy house, we can help with that too. Designing a new house from scratch can be very difficult; especially if you don’t have a very specific vision in mind. That’s okay, most people don’t. The conversation usually starts with the amenities – a master bedroom balcony, how many bed and bathrooms, the size of the patio, etc. From there we can start to get a picture of how the house will look. Sound good? Great! Give us a call or fill out the form below to get started. 

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